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Hi, I'm Jill Hart. Learn how I have helped other downsizers, near and far, take the uncertainty out of the transition process to help them settle into homes that fit their needs in a comfortable, supportive environment. I partner with clients to identify needs and facilitate decision making around aging in place and housing transitions.

When it comes time to plan, individuals value the guidance of someone who can offer a path to success by making the process simple and results attainable. Each transition is unique. I am experienced with helping clients create downsizing plans that are compatible with their circumstances. I provide a customized plan, reliable estimates and on-going support tailored to your individual situation. Below, I have outlined some of the most important services that my clients request in order to achieve a successful transition.

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Situation Assessment

Virtual or in-home. The purpose of the assessment is to understand the needs and conditions of your transition in order to design an effective transition plan and suggest immediate next steps. This may include advising on housing options that will fit your lifestyle and budget, recommendations for “aging in place” modifications, tips on how to begin the downsizing process, communicating with support networks and/or suggesting conversations that need to take place for decision making.

Space Planning

Creating an interactive floor plan so you can visualize how your furniture will fit into your new space requirements, and try out different placement options. Recommendations for helpful home modifications to create a comfortable, supportive environment.

Professional Organizing, Sorting and Decluttering

Expert help with deciding which personal items will make your new home feel comfortable right away, while professionally sorting and organizing your personal property. Developing a plan for items that will not be going with you or to your family; distributing your heirlooms and possessions with respect, while identifying the best course of action for their future – whether auction, estate sale, donation, responsible recycling or hauling away.

Vendor Resource Assistance

Finding suitable and reliable vendors for the many requirements of your home transition can be challenging. I will assist with information on preferred vendors and resources that will best fit your needs (movers, tradesmen, furniture buyers, estate sale companies, etc.), and coordinate their service timelines.

Moving Estimate Preparation

Getting an accurate moving estimate is based on knowing exactly what large items will be moved, what will be packed by you, what the moving company will pack, and identifying any items that will need special care. I will consult on your individual needs and make sure your decisions are clearly communicated to the moving company estimator.

Home Packing and Move Management

On-site management of the packing process to ensure everything you are taking with you is carefully packed and labeled, and that items you will not be moving are not packed. I will supervise the movers on loading day and take care of last-minute details. If the move is local, I will travel to your new home and oversee the placement of your furniture and boxes to facilitate an easier unpacking experience. If the move is long distance, I can refer you to a move manager at your destination who can provide the same type of service to complete your home transition.

Unpacking and Settling-In Services

For local moves, I will unpack and organize your belongings for the rooms of your choice at your new home. For long distance moves, I can refer you to a move manager in your new area to help with unpacking and settling in. The timeline for these services will depend on the size of your move.

Real Estate Brokerage

If you decide to sell your home, I can provide that service through my firm, Pinnacle View Real Estate. Just like with downsizing, when it comes to selling real estate, there are hundreds of big and small decisions to make. Working with one person from beginning to end avoids duplication of efforts and ensures a smoother transition. From the finer points of home staging and photography to tracking the market and reviewing contracts, I will be your advocate, saving you time and money every step of the way.

Personal Property Distribution

I will coordinate pick-ups by (or delivery to) non-profits, auction agents, recycling centers or waste removal services, and provide donation and sales receipts where applicable to the client. Smaller items will be packed in boxes as required by each organization.

Shipping Coordination

I will secure quotes for shipping large items, if needed. I will meet the shipper at your home for pick-up of those items after you contract with that vendor. If small items need to be shipped, I will deliver the items to UPS/FedEx and bill you separately for the packing and postage costs.

Professional Home Clean Out

I will make sure the home is completely cleared out of all items that cannot be sold, donated, or transferred to a family member. The home will be professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning, if desired, is an additional charge.

Additional Services

I’m here to help. If you’d like a secretary taking notes at a meeting with a senior community, a personal assistant on a furniture shopping trip or assistance with any other move related task, please ask!

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