Downsizing is a big job. We make every aspect easier.

  • Sorting & Organizing
  • Packing & Moving
  • Listing & Selling
  • Cleaning Out & Settling In


As you’re planning to downsize, going from a lot of stuff to a lot less stuff can feel like a great big deal.

It’s not only the sorting, organizing, gifting, and donating; it’s also the moving, cleaning, listing, and selling. No matter where you are on the journey, please rest assured that relief really is on the other side of this transition. May we help you get there faster?

At Silver Pathways, we help you make a downsizing plan, then see it through—down to the last detail.

Before I met Jill, I was worried about getting the house ready to sell, packing, moving, if the house would sell, when it would sell, how much it would sell for, how I would get it all done, how it would do it by myself. You name it, I worried about it! Someone I trusted recommended Jill to me. I was even worried about calling her, but I’m glad I did. She was confident, reassuring and handled all my concerns like a professional. She was so encouraging through the whole process and kept reminding me that things were going along fine. If I needed to worry, she would let me know, but that time never came. With Jill’s help, not only did I have a smooth sale and move process, but I got more than I ever imagined for my home! She really had my back!

Susan R.

Jill and her team at Silver Pathways Consulting made my downsizing and move to another state absolutely seamless. I moved from a home that I had lived in for 30 years, and Silver Pathways Consulting handled everything from helping me sort to delivering the donations to providing the supplies to the packing of the boxes. The team was friendly and helpful as I often had to ponder what to donate or keep; when unsure, they would ask poignant questions to tip the decision one way or the other. The day of the move, Jill was there to oversee the process and make certain that all went according to plan. Even the movers were impressed with the organization of everything Silver Pathways did for me as well as the quality of their work. Now that I am in my new home, I am slowly getting my life established a day at a time with boxes that are clearly labeled. The quality of the service provided by Silver Pathways is second to none.

Karen S.

We used Jill Hart @ Silver Pathways Consulting to help my mobility-limited 79 y/o mom downsize, move, and do an estate clean out. Jill created and executed on a plan which was seemingly impossible. She kept us organized and focused on the right things. She promoted quick decision-making for a move that had to happen within a matter of weeks. She was also sensitive and caring during a very challenging time. We literally could not have achieved our goal without her. I would definitely use her again if I could and would recommend her to anyone.

Jessica L.

Jill and her team at Silver Pathways are exceptional. They were instrumental in orchestrating a significant move and also made the process of downsizing much less intimidating. Jill's organization, attention to detail, and outstanding communication is evident in everything she does. She and her team are so caring. They take the time to listen throughout the process and share support and encouragement, enabling you to make effective decisions. Truly, I don't know what we would have done without them. Thank you so much!

Beth W. (Adult child on behalf of her dad, Ron)

The whole idea of moving was so overwhelming, but with the help of Jill Hart and her team at Silver Pathways Consulting, we were able to go through the whole process with ease. Jill is extremely professional, while still being personable. Jill’s team packed up our belongings with extreme care and everything arrived at our new home in perfect condition. Now, I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I know I would not even consider using anyone else but Silver Pathways. If I couldn’t work with Jill, I would honestly weep!! Jill, thanks to you and your team for your caring attitude and your deep knowledge of all the processes and resources in our market to make moving a breeze!!

Jan and Mike B.

Hi, I'm Jill!

I’m an organizing & real estate professional who specializes in downsizing.

Back to my earliest memories with my grandmother, I’ve always had a desire to be around those living out the later chapters of their lives. So, it made sense that my love for real estate didn’t really grab hold until I figured out I could use my skills to help this familiar population. Especially since, during a season of downsizing, support is a must!

I quickly realized that my clients didn’t just need to find different places to live or to sell their homes; they needed to make tough decisions about what to keep and what to share. They needed to organize, pack, and deliver donations. They needed to clean, make updates, and get ready to sell. Plus, they needed to do everything while managing their family’s feelings and opinions (and their own). That’s why I built this business. We take care of planning, organizing, hauling, and cleaning, and we mix in more traditional real estate services when our clients need them. No matter what, we make downsizing a whole lot easier.

Whether you're the one moving or you're helping a loved one or a client, we'll be right by your side.

My team and I can do as much or as little as you need.

Situation Assessment

We'll meet virtually or in your home to discuss the needs and conditions of your transition so I can begin to make a plan that covers everything.

Space Planning

Using an interactive floor plan, I'll help you visualize furniture placement in your new space and suggest modifications for comfort as needed.

Professional Organizing, Sorting, and Decluttering

We'll choose items to go in your new home and make a plan to distribute everything else—through auction, estate sale, donation, or recycling.

Vendor Resource Assistance

We'll help you secure reliable vendors (movers, tradesmen, estate sale companies, etc.) and coordinate their service timelines to fit your needs.

Moving Estimate Preparation

Accurate moving estimates rely on knowing what needs to move and who will move it. We'll help gather the details & get an accurate bid.

Home Packing & Help with Moving

We'll be on-site to manage packing & labeling and then supervise the movers. If you're moving locally, we'll be there to coordinate unloading, too.

Unpacking & Settling-In Services

For local moves, we'll unpack and organize your belongings in your new home. For long-distance moves, I'll refer you to a helper in your new area.

Real Estate Broker Support

If you decide to sell your home, I can provide that service through my firm, Pinnacle View Real Estate. You can read more about this service below!

Personal Property Distribution

We'll coordinate pickups or deliveries with nonprofits, auction agents, waste and removal services, etc., and provide applicable donation and sales receipts.

Shipping Coordination

We'll get shipping quotes for large items and arrange for pickups. For small items, I'll ship and bill separately for packing & postage costs.

Professional Home Clean Out

Once everything else is complete, we will make sure the home is completely cleared of items that can't be sold, donated, or transferred.

Additional Services

If you’d like us to take notes at a meeting with a senior community, help you furniture shop, or assist with other move-related tasks, please ask!

Please note: Some people ask us if we help them sell items from their homes. We do not, but we work seamlessly with trusted vendors and can certainly help you navigate that process.

You might be wondering, "Do I have to sell my home with you to work with you?"

Nope! I know it can be confusing that I’m both a downsizer extraordinaire and a real estate agent. The truth is, the real estate side of my work is simply one more service I can provide to help my clients manage their transition. If I can help with your home listing or sale, I’m happy to, but it’s absolutely not a requirement!

Here’s why I offer real estate services: Just like with downsizing, there are hundreds of big and small decisions to make when it comes to selling real estate. Working with one person from beginning to end avoids duplication of efforts and ensures a smoother transition. From the finer points of home staging and photography to tracking the market and reviewing contracts, I can be your advocate, saving you time and money every step of the way.

These frequently asked questions might be on the tip of your tongue, too.

Costs are based on your timeline, the types of services you desire, where you are moving, and more. After our initial assessment, I’ll prepare a proposal that offers a detailed overview of services and costs. Generally, the response I hear from clients is, “Wow! Is that all?!”

Please note: If you list and sell your home through my brokerage, Pinnacle View Real Estate, some or all of the fees for these services may be discounted or waived.

Please reach out as soon as the idea of downsizing crosses your mind, even if it’s a year or more down the road. There is preliminary work we can do that will do away with some pressures when it is crunch time. If, by chance, you are downsizing very soon, please contact me today. There may be support that I can offer to lighten your load.

Remember: It’s always better to have these discussions when you WANT to downsize, not when you HAVE to.

Yes, of course. I love working with families, whether you’re local or across the country.

We do! Please schedule a free introductory call to discuss your situation.

Don’t worry. We’ll help you create a plan for everything!

In the meantime, here’s something to consider:
Senior Move Manager® Janine Willis of Good To Go Memphis explains a typical scenario…

An older couple moves out of state to be closer to their kids and grandkids. Their move manager helps them plan how much space will be available in their next place and encourages them to select the furnishings that will fit and their favorite accessories to make them feel at home.

Next, the couple invites their adult children to choose from the nice pieces that aren’t going with them. Inevitably, family and friends will happily take many quality and useful household items (even if they don’t need them, but that’s a different post!). The cute mid-century things? Those got sold to the neighbor. The landscaping equipment and tools? No, the son-in-law came and took all that. The KitchenAid mixer?… you get the point.

This is the best-case scenario; the couple is happy to see their treasured belongings going on to have a new life, and it helps reduce the time and expense needed to empty the home completely.

But now, what’s left? A few odds and ends that have very little value.

Many of these items seem usable and pretty good—why do they have so little value? It comes down to a simple calculation of supply and demand, and we have some factors affecting those now that we didn’t 10 or 15 years ago.

The market for second-hand household goods is flooded because, for the first time, we have two cohorts downsizing—both the 80-and-up crowd and the Baby Boomers getting out of their big houses to save money and lead more simple lifestyles. So, the supply of household goods is way up over past years.

But our young people are marrying later; many can’t even afford a house now with all their student loans, and they’re into minimalism. So demand is down. Especially now, Covid-19 puts an additional wrinkle in the secondary market and almost everyone’s ability to rehome treasured items. Even thrift stores sometimes have difficulty selling some of this “stuff.” Of course, certain things are in demand and very collectible. But usually, those are not the things that are left over!

If you are downsizing and emptying the contents of your home, our advice is to start with optimistic goals that don’t include making money on your unneeded belongings. The focus should be on rehoming your quality items with family and friends who want and need them, but also recognizing that there is likely little value in the leftovers.

Letting go of the idea that everything you own must be valued and sold for a profit will free up a tremendous amount of mental and emotional energy. It can also free you up to focus on the thing that is likely in high demand and could be sold for top dollar: Your house!

It can be hard to watch clients’ needs change over time. Please reach out if someone you serve could benefit from a conversation with me about downsizing. Until then, browse this guide I created for professionals who serve seniors: 5 Signs Your Client Is Ready to Downsize. In it, you’ll read about how we can have an anonymous situation assessment call where you tell me about your client’s circumstances, and I can give you ideas about what next steps you can recommend.

No situation is too unusual for a conversation! I have resources for most things, so please contact me no matter what you’re up against.

Ready to start the conversation?

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Get a plan.

No matter how simple or complex your circumstances, we can help you confidently prepare for whatever's next.


Get a team.

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Get on with your life!

This change may feel like a lot at first, but we promise to get you seamlessly settled into a hopeful tomorrow!

One more quick thing... it's a freebie!

I spent a lot of time making a detailed guide for those who are considering downsizing. It's filled with everything I encourage my clients to think about. In fact, you might download it and decide you don't need me (that's 100% fine!). I really hope it serves you as well as I intend it to.