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Together, we can make a downsizing plan that works best for you and your family.

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Dear Downsizer,

Whether you are just starting to plan for a transition, or you have already begun downsizing and need help reaching your goals, I am here to guide you from any point in the process. If you are choosing your next home, looking to make your current home work for you, or need an experienced advisor to walk you through downsizing, I want to hear your story and help you choose the best path.

Dear Children & Family,

You don't have to guide your loved one on your own. You understand that your family member needs safe and appropriate housing even if they live several states away from you. I have the resources and practical knowledge to make a personalized plan for them, whether they want to remain at home or need to make a move. Together, we can create a clear strategy and a plan to help you carry it out.

Dear Professional Advocates,

Assisting your client in making their housing or downsizing decision with an achievable plan is my specialty. I am experienced at working with other professionals and their clients to create realistic plans that ensure each clients’ unique needs are met. Let me take that piece of the puzzle off your plate and put it in my experienced, specialized and trustworthy hands.

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What I Do

My Goals

I provide downsizing strategies that are tailored to your individual needs, wants, and circumstances. Wherever you are right now, I will work alongside you to ensure you have a clear path forward to a successful transition.

Why Jill?

By getting to know you and your story, I will create a downsizing plan that fulfills your goals to have a comfortable and safe home now and into the future. If needed, I will connect you with the professionals in your area who will help turn your vision into reality.

Meet Jay and Sue

Before contacting Jill, we had no idea what we were doing. We had lived in our three-story 3,400 sq/ft home for over two decades and had raised five children there. However, between the house needing more and more maintenance, Jay’s memory care, and balancing my work with family obligations, we were overwhelmed, and it was time for a change.

Jill worked with us to paint a picture of how we wanted our future to look. She helped us identify potential communities within our budget and collaborated with the rest of our family to make plans for sorting through our belongings and preparing the house for market. Together, we developed the ideal timeline for finding a new home, marketing our home, and making sure the closing date accommodated our move.

We sold our house quickly and relocated to a single-story 1,550 sq/ft home where all the exterior maintenance is provided for us. Without the stress of the larger house, we can finally focus on our health and each other while enjoying frequent visits with family. We love our new community and are so thankful to have the support of nearby friends and neighbors.

Meet Chuck and Bonnie

We started decluttering as soon as we read Jill’s book, Downsizing with Heart. We lived in our remote 3,100 sq/ft home for over 23 years, along with its large yard and two mortgages. With our increasing physical limitations, more long drives for doctor’s appointments, and the expense of the mortgages and yard upkeep, we needed a path that would give us more control over our lives. When we reached out to Jill, she took the time to understand our story and helped us create a vision for our future and what steps it would take to get there. She identified a community that would suit our needs and helped us develop a comprehensive plan for our transition. We sold our home and completed our move within 60 days of listing! With Jill’s guidance, we were able to stay focused during the entire process and eliminate both our mortgages and the unexpected maintenance costs of our previous home. Our new community is so welcoming, and the inclusive monthly cost is much easier to plan for on our fixed income. We finally feel in control again!

Meet Jim

Years ago, Jim’s dad moved from a large parcel of land in Virginia to live with Jim. He was unwilling to let the family property go. Jim didn’t want to keep it when his dad passed away, but he did not have any contacts in that area. He searched the internet for help, but was unsuccessful finding appropriate assistance until he contacted Jill. Jill was able to put Jim in touch with a real estate professional who understood the concerns he had with the other agents he had talked with. This agent turned out to be exactly what Jim was looking for – knowledgeable, responsive and conscientious. Jim was pleased with the connection, the service, The marketing and the resulting sales price.

Meet Kathy

As a career military veteran, Kathy had been brave for most of her life, but now she was afraid.  As she approached her 80th birthday, her chronic health issues were becoming more of a concern. Thoughts of a move creeped in when she started to feel unsafe in her neighborhood. In addition, the cost of maintenance on a home that was much larger than she needed was a burden on her fixed income. A friend of hers suggested she give me a call.

Kathy knew a move would be hard. After many conversations, she decided to move into a small regular apartment. It met her needs to not have to worry about maintenance, the small size would be easy for her to keep clean, and she would feel safe with on-site managers and staff available. We created a plan that involved “baby steps” including plenty of rest time and connections for the she needed to make progress while protecting her fragile health.

Once Kathy was settled in to her apartment, I noticed a positive change in her demeanor.  She sounded healthy, said was getting around with less trouble and had a cheerful outlook for her future.  Years later, she kept in touch and tells me how much having a guide and advocate helped her transition to a better life.

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